Comic 9 - RE - Ocho

RE - Ocho
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Kanela 20th Feb 2012, 1:51 AM edit delete
"'re not here."
"HAHA, really? how come you think I'm not here? can't you see me, silly? HAHAHAHAHA ah! I needed that..."
"but...but why? you weren't supposed to-"
"RETURN? As you can see...I wanted to surprise you, and here I am. Now, if you want me gone, too bad, I came exclusively for you. you haven't changed, Talia."

*thanks? THANKS?! are you stupid or what! as if you don't remember him a-and...what happened!*

"I see you're free, shall we go grab something to eat?"

*NO! Can't you see I'm reading?!*