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RE - Tres
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Kanela 19th Feb 2012, 9:18 PM edit delete
Things hitting me on the face:
soccer ball=1
love= 0
thanks Nubia.

I know her since we were 10, we were neighbors till 17.
And now we come to the same university
She's one of those super hardcore cheesy gals who loves to play cupid...with me.
because since she has found her destined true love (so she says), she wants to helps despairing mine.
"someone" makes recomendations for I can find my fated person.
that's bullshit! destined love doesn't exist, and if it does, well that's just sad. I mean, where's your liberty? you can't even choose! It's like you're being forced to be with that person.
It's not that I'm bitter or anything...
it's just that...